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Jay Gruden: Redskins 'just so close to being 7-2'

Jay Gruden, it appears, is a "glass half-full" sort of guy.

Coming off the Washington Redskins' bye week and sitting at 3-6, last place in the NFC East, Gruden chose to see the positives from his team.

"When you go back and you look at what's going on, being 3-6, you look at the six losses and there's a play here and a play there and we're just so close to being 7-2 as opposed to being 3-6," he said, per CSN Washington. "That's the way the NFL is right now."

But, Jay, a quarter of an inch the other way and you'd have missed completely.

Most every team in the NFL is a play or two away from flipping the results of their games. What separates the good, 7-2 teams, from the bad, 3-6 teams, is the ability to make those plays count.

As most coaches are primed to do, Gruden focused on the steps the Redskins could make to improve their record down the stretch.

"I think the big thing is we have to continue focusing on situational football whether it's third downs, whether it's two-minute drill, whether it's we've got the ball at the plus-40 and we need 10 yards to get a field goal for overtime or a touchdown," he said.

Getting an opposing offense off the field -- which they couldn't do in Minnesota during a Week 9 loss -- might also help in the crutch to flip that record around. Otherwise, the Redskins will end up 5-11, believing they could be 12-4.

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