Jason Taylor hoping for better bust than Ronaldo's

Pro Football Hall of Fame busts live forever. They sit in hallowed halls in Canton and operate as reminders to future generations of who the giants of the game were and what they looked like when they roamed football's grounds. They are revered by players and fans alike, eliciting nostalgia and good feelings from all.

These bronze severed heads of glory are important, so you better get them right. Or else feel the wrath of players, namely one Jason Taylor.

The legendary Dolphins pass rusher is of course referencing the now-infamous "bust" of Portuguese super-footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, unveiled in late March at Aeroporto Cristiano Ronaldo in Maderia. The internationally-mocked nightmare face stands as the holy grail to Busts Gone Wrong -- and a reminder that the arts still matter and deserve funding lest busts become unrecognizable masses of metal.

But of all people entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame, there cannot be an easier bust model than Taylor, whose eternally bald dome makes for seamless sculpting.

So no pressure, Ben Hammond, Taylor's sculptor. Come Saturday's Hall of Fame ceremony, Twitter's eyes will be all upon you.

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