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Jason Garrett on Greg Hardy: 'He's a free agent'

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Dallas Cowboys received a lot of negative attention for signing Greg Hardy last year, and Hardy brought more negative attention to himself throughout the season.

It now appears his time with the Cowboys is up. We present one interaction between a reporter and coach Jason Garrett at the NFL Scouting Combine on Wednesday.

Question: "What is the status of Greg Hardy?"

Garrett: "He's a free agent."

(Cold stare.)

(Awkward silence. Conversation over.)

Hardy lost support throughout the Cowboys' organization during a tumultuous season in which he combined impact play with constant reminders about why he became a free agent in the first place.

Garrett's words Wednesday weren't hard to translate for deeper meaning. He said in so many words that he's done talking about Hardy because he's done coaching Hardy. He will be some other team's problem now.

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