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Dallas Cowboys' support for DE Greg Hardy is waning


File this under least shocking news to come out of Dallas this season: Support for the mercurial Greg Hardy is beginning to wane among members of the Cowboys' front office.

Three sources within the team told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport that Hardy missed several meetings two weeks ago and was almost late to practice the same day. He was also late to a pregame meeting on Saturday night before last week's loss to the Buccaneers. Hardy's late nights out have also been a concern for the Cowboys, according to Rapoport.

Every game, all season

The recent string of incidents have prompted talks between Hardy and several team veterans, head coach Jason Garrett, owner Jerry Jones and Hardy's agent as well, but will it be too late?

Rapoport, on GameDay First Sunday, said that Garrett could make an example of Hardy if his behavior doesn't change. Garrett is looking to regain control of a scattershot locker room, and last week that involved cutting two players -- Corey White and Christine Michael -- who happened to be the only two players on the last team road trip that did not wear suits.

What. A. Power. Move.

The fact that White and Michael were cut because of some sort of dress code violation while Hardy is allowed to do whatever he feels like sort of sums up the Dallas Cowboys in 2015, does it not? Hardy has been accused of some very serious crimes, and even with the release of photo evidence which the Cowboys should not have needed and did not see before they signed him, he remained on the roster.

It's difficult to imagine the balancing act Garrett is dealing with and it can't be easy if Jones wants to somehow aid in Hardy's rehabilitation. But if he really wants to make an example and get the core of his locker room back together, I think he knows what move he has to make, and it isn't one of the guys who happened to forget a tie.


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