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Jarvis Landry's mad dash is best of Week 7

Dan Campbell has been a godsend, or, at the very least, an improvement in the head coaching position, for the Miami Dolphins. In two games in charge at South Beach, Campbell has led the team to two victories by a combined score of 82-36; he's taught the 'Fins how to defeat opponents with telekenesis; and most importantly, he's energized a previously gloomy Miami roster. Under Joe Philbin, the Dolphins wandered zombie-like through games, failing to live up to their own potential. Now, as this week's best play demonstrates, they're terrorizing defenses and speeding past your expectations.

Topping Week 7's Top 10 "Performance Moments of the Week" presented by Bridgestone is Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry's mad dash through the Texans' secondary.

With Miami already off to a great start -- up seven points eight minutes into the game -- against the tanking Texans, Ryan Tannehill found Landry cutting towards to the left sideline 15 yards down the field. The quarterback tossed a dart to Landry who, when reaching the sideline, stuck his foot in the turf and switched direction back towards the middle of the field. After burning past an over-pursuing Brian Cushing, Landry turned on the jets as he ran east-west towards open space.

Landry sped so quickly past the Houston defenders that two Texans collided following successive missed tackles. With a convoy of blockers ahead of him, Landry bursted toward the right pylon. When Texans cornerback Kevin Johnson closed down the angle, the Miami wideout cut once again right near the end zone. Cushing, having miraculously caught up to Landry, made one last attempt to take down the speedy receiver, but Landry dove past the embrace for a 50-yard touchdown.

If you're into 21st-century microanalysis on the every waking movement of football players, then take a look at Next Gen Stats' take on Landry's miraculous run.

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