Jarvis Landry reveals he's been playing through broken rib since Week 5

Jarvis Landry played the entire 2019 season with a hip injury, and he's again battling through pain to take the field for the Browns.

Landry revealed Thursday he suffered a broken rib in Cleveland's Week 5 win over the Indianapolis Colts and has been playing through the injury.

Landry suffered the broken rib on a 32-yard reception in the first quarter of the game when Colts linebacker Zaire Franklin cleaned up Rock Ya-Sin's tackle of Landry by landing a shot on Landry's abdomen. He left the game with the injury but returned shortly thereafter and has not missed a game since.

"It hurts," Landry said Thursday. "But depending on the play, whatever, at times it's bearable. We've done a good job making sure I'm getting a little protection here throughout the week, making sure that I cover it up and do whatever I need to do to play on Sundays."

Landry has proven throughout his career he is not the type of receiver to take time off unless he absolutely must do so. He's been doing as much as possible during practice between games and said Thursday he'll continue to manage the pain while making every effort to suit up on Sunday.

It's part of a team-wide mindset to fight through bumps and bruises -- and even a broken rib -- in an effort to help the Browns become a winning team.

"It's Cleveland, right? It's blue collar. Whatever it takes," Landry said. "I think we have that mindset and that mentality here, and these guys come and show that each and every day. But we want to be smart, we want to protect our guys as well. But if they can go, we always like for them to be out there, at least participating."

Landry broke the 1,100-yard receiving mark last season while playing all 16 games with a hip injury that he told NFL.com in January kept him from reaching his full potential. He reached his fifth-straight Pro Bowl in 2019 despite the injury.

Landry has caught 24 passes for 319 yards in 2020 as part of Cleveland's 12th-ranked scoring offense.

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