Jared Goff: 'I'm all for' restructuring Rams contract

From the moment Jared Goff signed his extension last summer, it's been a topic of conversation. Turns out his agent and the Rams have been discussing it too this offseason.

Los Angeles just endured a brutal free agency in which multiple players were jettisoned largely because of a lack of cap space. Goff acknowledged Wednesday that there's been internal discussion about his contract being restructured while adding he's open to it.

"I think that's a better question for Kevin [Demoff] and my agent," he said during a video conference call with reporters. "I think there's been some stuff about being able to clear some cap space. And if so, I'm all for it. I don't see why not. It doesn't change anything for me and helps the team out."

This doesn't mean the Rams' franchise QB will necessarily take any sort of pay cut. Goff signed for four years and $134 million last September with $110 million guaranteed, the most in NFL history. The two-time Pro Bowler then proceeded to have the worst of his three full seasons. Reallocating some of his money could be a major help to his team, however.

The Rams are technically over the cap, though they should fall slightly under this summer after cutting Todd Gurley with a post-June 1 designation. Goff said not having the All-Pro running back in Los Angeles doesn't put more pressure on him.

"I'm just going to keep progressing and getting better," he said. "There's no label to put on anything. Whose team it is, who's it on more or not more? It's always been on me. It's always been on the quarterback. That's never changed. Since I've come into the league, it's always been up to me to make things happen. Todd's been an integral part of that and a big piece of that for the last three or four years, but it's always on the quarterback. It always will be, it always has been. I don't expect my process to change."

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