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Jared Cook: Nick Foles can 'grab the ram by the horns'

Jared Cook is a great tight end in an unenviable situation.

In each of his first two seasons in St. Louis the quarterback situation has been a disaster. Cook's numbers, while strong at 52 catches and 634 yards, reflected the constant instability.

But in an interview with FOX Sports this week, he detailed the one ingredient that the quarterback position was truly missing, and the one thing Nick Foles has brought to town.

"Hopefully, he can make all of us better," Cook said. "This is something we've needed the past few years -- somebody to fill the mold, step in, grab the ram by the horns and say, 'Let's go, guys! This is our time!'"

For years now, St. Louis has not benefitted from the confidence of a quarterback who can truly run the team. They have not had the trickle-down leadership of a passer who has taken snaps in the playoffs.

If nothing else, the Foles experiment will at least give Cook, and the rest of the Rams, a boost they have not had in years.

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