Jared Cook apologizes for shoving Austin Davis

St. Louis Rams tight end Jared Cook dropped what should have been an easy touchdown grab in the 34-31 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

The drop -- one of Cook's specialties -- led to frustration, which led to the tight end shoving young quarterback Austin Davis for no apparent reason on the sideline.

"I was heated, like anybody else," Cook said, per ESPN.com. "I feel like I let this game slip through my hands and that's my fault as a man."

Davis -- who played well overall in just his second start -- appeared to approach Cook cordially, but the sixth-year veteran heaved his quarterback aside. Cook was quickly reprimanded by teammates for the immature action.

After the game he released a statement through his representatives:

"My actions from today's game were truly a mistake - unintentional and in the heat of the moment. There is never an excuse for unsportsmanlike conduct and I apologize to everyone. I want to thank my teammates again, Austin Davis and William Hayes for their support on the sidelines - the Rams organization and especially to all of our fans for whom we fight so hard for your love and continued support."

To his credit, Davis let the incident with the overpaid and underperforming tight end roll off his back.

"On the sidelines we were all frustrated, we're trying to kind of keep it together," Davis said. "That stuff happens all the time. We talked, we're fine. I didn't even think twice of it."

Cook is getting paid way too much money to drop that pass and he's been around the block too many times to shove his quarterback on the sideline.

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