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Janoris Jenkins: Giants signing former Jets wasn't 'stealing'

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Janoris Jenkins

Cornerback, New York Giants

Born: Oct. 29, 1988

Experience: Five NFL seasons

Interview by Jeremy Bergman | March 17, 2017

[People didn't know to call me Jackrabbit] because I was in St. Louis. The market wasn't that big. Probably because St. Louis [media] didn't mention it as New York did.

The move [to New York] has been nice. It's been great. Great fans. Atmosphere of the game is awesome. Coaching staff is unbelievable. The front office is just unique.

The best part [of playing in New York] is finally getting recognition after doing something that I've been doing since I was in St. Louis. I'd say the bad part would be that sometimes it might be too much attention, but not for me.

[The Packers] made more plays than we made [in the NFC Wild Card Game]. They played better than we did. We didn't come out to play our best game. We understand that, and we all know that.

It's very important [to have Jason Pierre-Paul back]. As you know, you've got to build a bond to make it where you want to go. I feel like we built that bond on the defensive side of the ball to where I think we can get where we want to go. But it's all about keeping it together.

The NYPD -- the New York Pass Defense. Like I said, we can be special, special as they want to be. But like I say, you've got to keep everybody together.

Man, it's a business. I wouldn't call [signing former JetsBrandon Marshall and Geno Smith] stealing. I'd just call it making moves. The Giants know what they're doing, and I'm with them.

[Covering our wide receivers] won't be no problem. Camp lasts for like three months. Everybody gets to cover each other, however many times they want. We'll make each other better. We'll have arguments. At the end of the day, they know, we know, the organization knows we're still a team, and that will come with competing and having fun to get to the next level.

[Marshall's] a big body. He gets the ball at the highest point. It might take two to guard him in the red zone.

A championship mindset since I got there. It's continuing, man. It's just like, you can't think about the future. You've got to think about now and the Giants are just thinking about now. To do that, like I said, don't break the puzzle apart.

I don't know about the draft. Right now, I just want to focus on keeping what's around me. Whatever move [the Giants] make in the draft, that'll be a plus.

I talk to [Rams cornerback and former teammate Trumaine Johnson] every day, to be specific. I just talked to him yesterday. I told him, "Big ups, man. We came in together. I'm happy to see you studded, getting money." Wish the best for him.

I'm just going to go out there and do my job [against new NFC East receivers Terrelle Pryor and Alshon Jeffery]. Have fun, clamp them up. I'll leave it at that.

I could see us far [in January], as far as we want to be. Once again, we can be special, but it's like you can't build a puzzle one year and break it up the next year. You can't do that.

Play within the system, play together, play for each other and we'll be good.

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