James Jones: 'Don't read too much into' Packers president Mark Murphy's comments on Aaron Rodgers

The latest hullabaloo surrounding Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers stemmed from team president and CEO Mark Murphy calling the MVP quarterback a "complicated fella."

NFL Network analyst James Jones, former teammate and close confidant of Rodgers, addressed the situation on Monday's edition of NFL Total Access. The former Packers receiver said everyone needs to R.E.L.A.X.

"Pump your breaks. Just relax," Jones said. "Listen, I have a very good relationship with Mark Murphy. Mark Murphy has a very good relationship with all of his players. He still calls me to this day, checking on me, checking on my family. And that's what I'm going to say about Aaron. If you have a relationship with Aaron Rodgers, no, he's not a complicated fella. And that's with anything. You are talking about the future of a Hall of Fame quarterback's career. Yeah, it's going to be complicated. He wants some things. You want some things. So it's going to be complicated. Listening to Mark Murphy talk, I am not reading into it too much. I'm pumping my brakes. I am relaxing. Don't read too much into it. I know Mark personally. Mark loves all his players. And, yes, this situation is complicated because you're dealing with a guy who wants certain things, you're dealing with an organization who wants some things and you're trying to come together as one to get this thing fixed. So it's going to be a little complicated. I have a great relationship with Aaron Rodgers. Nothing has ever been complicated about (our) relationship. So when you do have a relationship with him, no, it is not complicated. So get together, get a relationship with Aaron Rodgers like I have one, and get together and get it fixed."

Last month, Jones noted that he believed the situation between Rodgers and the Packers was "fixable."

Jones spent eight of his nine years in the NFL with Rodgers in Green Bay. The NFL Network analyst has broken several news items regarding the QB, including Rodgers' then record-setting extension in 2018. That is to say: There isn't a person in the media realm who has a better relationship with Rodgers than Jones.

If Jones is preaching a kumbaya between Rodgers and Murphy to fix the "complicated" situation, it's more notable than any of the other chatter spewed on the topic in recent weeks.

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