James Jones: Brief stint with Giants helped me

Giants fans already reeling from several drive-killing drops out of Sunday night's opener confronted an even more unwelcome sight when they checked the Packers' box score from the same day.

James Jones, the veteran receiver the Giants had in camp just a week prior and cut, caught all four of his targets for 51 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Some of these weren't exactly wide-open catches, either.

But Jones was thankful for his brief stint in New York. He saw it as the perfect tune up -- with the same playbook -- before rejoining Aaron Rodgers.

"I truly believe the Lord sent me to the Giants for a reason because it wasn't to make the team, it was to polish off all my skills," Jones told The MMQB. "I was on my couch for a minute, and then I was able to go to the Giants, where the playbook is almost identical because Ben McAdoo was with the Packers for so long, and he took that offense over there. I was able to polish off all the rust, play in some games and able to get in football shape. So when I came here, it was all second nature. There were a couple new plays that Aaron had put in and a couple new signals, but we talked about that and were able to get on the same page with that."

Jones went on to say that he told Tom Coughlin he wasn't going to accept a bit role in the offense, especially if that meant Jones not being active every week.

It seems like everything worked out well for everyone, though. Oh, except for the Giants.

Though it's impossible to stomach at the moment, the Giants kept receivers like Preston Parker instead of Jones because Parker would also have a heavy presence on special teams. With the roster in flux at so many positions, they wanted to conserve at wide receiver, a spot where they felt they had plenty of strength.

But if Jones goes off again this week with Victor Cruz (calf) on the bench ...

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