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Jameis Winston delivers passionate postgame speech

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers must be feeling pretty good about their Jameis Winston investment right about now.

Winston's 1-yard touchdown run with less than a minute to play on Sunday lifted the Bucs to a 10-6 win over the Cowboys. The victory moved the Bucs to 4-5 and keeps them in the middle of the NFC wild-card race.

After the game, Winston delivered a passionate message to teammates.

"Defense you kicked their asses! You kicked their asses! Offense, we kept fightin' baby. We kept fightin'! If we keep doing that, if we keep doing that, and we give all we got, if we have each other's back, we going to go 7-0 on these (female dogs)."

My favorite part of the video -- besides seeing Mike Glennon in his underpants -- is the sight of Bucs coach Lovie Smith taking it all in like a proud papa. Internal monologue: "I'm not going to get fired. I'm not going to get fired. I'm not going to get fired. I'm not going to get fired. This is awesome."

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