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Jaguars undecided on Foles, Minshew as starter

Though the Jacksonville Jaguars are no doubt looking to move beyond a forgettable 6-10 campaign last season, 2019 left them with a dilemma at quarterback that still needs to be resolved.

For now, coach Doug Marrone and general manager David Caldwell are offering no leanings or thoughts on whether Nick Foles or Gardner Minshew will be the 2020 starting quarterback -- only that they currently stable two very good options at the most important position.

"We're in a position where we feel we've got two guys who can play," Marrone told the media Tuesday at the NFL Scouting Combine, per John Oehser of the team website.

Marrone's comments mirror those of owner Shad Khan and Caldwell.

"Like Shad said a couple of weeks ago, that we have two quarterbacks we really feel good about," Caldwell said.

No matter the spin, this wasn't the plan for the Jaguars when they signed Foles, a former Super Bowl MVP for the Eagles, ahead of the 2019 season to a lucrative four-year, $88 million contract.

However, Foles broke his clavicle in his Jaguars debut. Minshew, a rookie sixth-round selection, took the reins and responded, with Minshew Mania born out of the opportunity.

Marked by an everpresent headband and classic mustache, Minshew grew a fan base and performed pretty well, but Foles' return saw him take over as the starter. When Foles struggled, Minshew was reinserted and by disappointing season's end, a choice at QB has carried over into the unknown that is 2020.

"The best thing to do is have those guys go out there and have them compete," Marrone said. "When one of them separates themselves, and there's been enough body of work for it, then that person's going to be the starting quarterback.

"We're trying to create that at all of the positions. Quarterback's no different."

In total, Foles played and started just four games for the Jags, with Jacksonville going 0-4 and Foles throwing only three touchdowns with 184 yards per game. Minshew saw action in 14 games with a dozen starts, averaging 233.6 yards per game, going 6-6 as a starter and throwing 21 touchdowns to six picks.

"I think every year's a new year," Caldwell said. "You hope that every player takes a jump up, and that's not just Gardner but that's Nick, too -- another year being in Jacksonville. We'll see how that plays out."

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