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Jaguars owner thinks Jalen Ramsey will play Sunday

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan anticipates Jalen Ramsey suiting up Sunday versus the New Orleans Saints.

Speaking with *The Street's* Katherine Ross on Thursday, Khan expressed optimism Ramsey could play in Week 6, and intimated that the team and the star corner might be able to overcome their differences that led Ramsey to request a trade.

"I think he's going to be playing this week," Khan said. "So hopefully you'll tune in to the Saints game. But I think it's something you've got to balance what's good for the team with what the individual wishes might be. ... I met him a couple of days ago had a heart-to-heart. I think we'll be able to come to whatever makes sense for all."

Ramsey missed the past two games due to a back injury. He practiced Wednesday on a limited basis after meeting a back specialist in Houston on Monday. Ramsey was limited again at Thursday's practice.

The 24-year-old has yet to rescind his trade request, and the team has been reluctant to part with its top corner, which continues to muddle the future. Whether Khan's "heart-to-heart" smoothed the issues remains to be seen.

Khan was asked if, hypothetically, he'd trade Ramsey for five first-round picks. The owner chuckled, responding: "Do you understand value? Then I think you already know the answer."

As with just about every player, there is a price at which the Jags would part with Ramsey. That price is currently sky high. With the trade deadline on Oct. 29, we'll see if the Jaguars get an offer they can't refuse.

First, we'll see if Ramsey suits up for the Jags on Sunday, as Khan predicts.

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