Jaguars' 21-point comeback upends free-falling Giants

*In a season of lows, the Giants suffered what is undoubtedly their most embarrassing loss of the season, a 25-24 loss in Jacksonville to the lowly Jaguars. Here is what we learned: *

  1. The Giants are a proud organization, and despite having two Super Bowl trophies as rewards for their level-headed approach, they do not like being embarrassed. Sunday's loss in Tom Coughlin's 300th career game, in a matchup against the one-win Jaguars, was completely embarrassing. Despite a rash of injuries, the team's most consistent ailments -- ball security, lack of offensive line depth, poor defensive scheme -- were on display in full force. These are not new issues. The Giants also saw one of their best offensive weapons, Rueben Randle, suspended for 25 percent of the game for missing a team meeting on Friday.
  1. Blake Bortles is a bit enigmatic, but as soon as Jacksonville gets its offensive line sorted out, we think he'll be a fantastic player. His decision-making down the stretch, especially on a read-option keep that set the Jaguars up for the game-winning field goal, was impressive. He also placed a ball perfectly to Marqise Lee earlier in the drive. He and Lee hooked up for a beautiful 30-yard touchdown earlier in the game.
  1. The Giants have now missed the playoffs in five of their last six seasons, but in each of their last two they've looked stunningly overmatched. They were able to pacify a frustrated fan base by bringing in a big-name offensive coordinator last offseason, but will they get away with just another coordinator change this offseason? Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell has been repeatedly criticized -- and sometimes publicly questioned -- by Coughlin for his personnel usage. His defense has also been gouged multiple times this year. Will a switch be enough, or will the Giants have some tougher decisions to make with one year left on Coughlin's deal (and Eli Manning's, and Ben McAdoo's)?
  1. Good for Jacksonville and Gus Bradley. The Jaguars have some fun players to watch, including budding star Denard Robinson. There were two instances on the same touchdown drive Sunday in which he made fantastic individual plays that left the Giants' defense flat-footed. With a top-10 pick coming again, will the Jags take another positive step toward repairing their core?
  1. Odell Beckham put up 90 yards receiving and was impressive once again, but his game lacked a gravity-defying catch that will give the team a free pass this week with plenty of tough questions being asked. While the Giants have a promising young core, they are the losers of seven straight games. Expect some grisly rumors to start pouring out of East Rutherford.

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