J.J. Watt: Texans 'pitiful' in blowout loss to Falcons

Another brutal Houston defeat has J.J. Watt seeing red.

The Texans defensive terror needed just one word to sum up Sunday's 48-21 loss to the Falcons, calling the performance "pitiful," per ESPN.com's Tania Ganguli.

Watt's outrage is justified after Houston watched Atlanta build a 48-0 advantage before a milquetoast Texans offense added a trio of touchdowns in deep garbage time.

"Terrible. It starts with me. Terrible coaching," said Texans coach Bill O'Brien after Houston tumbled to 1-3 on the year. "We gotta do a better job. ... I'm disappointed in me as a head coach. That's what I'm disappointed in because I don't think I did a good job today. To go out there and perform like that? That's on the head coach."

O'Brien is right to harbor the blame after his hand-crafted offense looked sleepy and unfocused. Meanwhile, Houston's Watt-led defense had no answers for Devonta Freeman, the spry Falcons runner who barreled for touchdown gallops of six, 16 and 23 yards.

The season has quickly become a mess for Houston, especially -- and predictably -- at the quarterback position. O'Brien can try to deflect the heat, but Sunday's game film will show that his players are just as culpable.

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