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Instant Debate: Who is helped most by the Harvin deal?

Now that Percy Harvin has been traded to the Seahawks, who will see a bigger boost in fantasy value - Harvin or Russell Wilson?

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  • Michael Fabiano Fantasy Editor
  • Wilson will see bigger boost

Honestly, I don't see this move having a huge impact on Harvin's value - that's because he was already a member of my fantasy man crush list for 2013. I had him ranked among the eight best players at the wide receiver position, and that's not going to change. As a result, I think Wilson is the player whose value will increase the most. In addition to a stud running back in Marshawn Lynch and some good receiving options in Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin and Zach Miller, Wilson now has one of the league's most exciting playmakers in Harvin at his disposal. If nothing else, this move should make it much easier to trust Wilson - he's far less likely to suffer any sort of sophomore slide with all the weapons he has on offense. He's right there with the likes of Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck and Colin Kaepernick at quarterback.

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  • Marcas Grant Fantasy Editor
  • Harvin should do less, produce more

This deal helps both players quite a bit. Harvin will have a much better quarterback throwing him the football in an offense that will allow him to make plays downfield -- instead of along the line of scrimmage. For Wilson, he now has a bona fide playmaker on the outside. That makes it less likely that he'll need to rely on the inconsistent Sidney Rice and Golden Tate. But I think this is bigger for Harvin. Not necessarily because of the offense, but because a move to Seattle likely means he won't need to return kickoffs, which should save some wear and tear.

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  • Jason Smith Fantasy Analyst
  • Wilson climbs the fantasy ladder

Harvin's value is going to remain what it was: a mid-to-low tier No. 1 WR. He'll be Russell Wilson's top target, and won't have to worry about the likes of Sidney Rice and Golden Tate taking away from his catches. Russell Wilson's value, however, goes up. Way up. Now he has someone who can take a 15-yard pass and go 80 yards for a TD. He was already a top 10 fantasy QB heading into 2013, and now he's even more enticing. The QBs I have ahead of him right now for sure are Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Colin Kaepernick. Wilson is in the mix along with Peyton Manning, Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck, whereas before the trade Wilson was just behind those last three.

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  • Adam Rank Writer
  • Wilson becomes an even safer fantasy bet

Percy Harvin should see his value rise because he's going to be playing with a better quarterback. Russell Wilson throws one of the best deep balls in the game, so the thought of Harvin stretching the defense and getting loose for some big-time plays has to raise his fantasy value. Harvin was already high on my list, but now I've moved him to the No. 6 spot. That said, Wilson becomes a much safer fantasy option this season. I took this opportunity to look over my quarterback rankings. I moved Wilson up to the No. 7 spot, just behind Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. If anything, this just supports my already high expectations for him. And my strategy will be the same, wait on a quarterback, and then make a move for a guy like Luck or Wilson.

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  • Elliot Harrison Writer
  • Harvin has greater upside in Seattle

It's all about Harvin. Seattle doesn't really have a third down guy who is a dual threat in the manner that Harvin is. If he were a home run hitter, I would say Russell Wilson's value is impacted more. However, my sense is that Harvin will be a PPR machine with a couple of rushing touchdowns as well in 2013.

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