I pray Andy Reid truly has his priorities in order

Andy Reid's saga is quite troubling to me. I know Andy; he is a good man who loves his family. I am afraid Andy might have developed a scarcity complex when it comes to his job. This is a feeling that you have to hold on to things, because you might never get them back if you lose them. Andy, in my mind, is doing that with the Eagles head coaching job at the potential detriment to his family.

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Andy has five kids, and all I know is that the oldest two are in jail. I would like to believe Andy knows the situation with the remaining kids, but, to be honest, I bet he thought he had a grip on the oldest two as well.

Andy Reid is a great coach with an impeccable reputation around the NFL. There always will be a place for him on the sidelines in this league. Unfortunately, I believe Andy is trying to prove wrong the people who have said he is not focused and should take a leave of absence.

Now, I am one who believes you can focus on football or play football through adversity, such as the death or illness of a loved one. While no one has died or is ill in the Reid household, there is a poison that has infiltrated. I believe the judge who sentenced both of Reid's sons to jail when he said, "This is a family in a crisis."

I just pray Andy is not trying to hold on to the Eagles' head coaching gig over his first priority, which is raising his family.

And for those of you who feel that with the boys in jail, there's not much Andy can do about their situation, I'll say this: He can continue to be a father. I am 43 years old, and my dad is still a father to me. He still gives me great wisdom, and I cherish and respect his knowledge. You don't stop being a dad just because your kids come of age. You're a dad until you die.

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