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Hue Jackson doesn't regret passing on Carson Wentz

Here's the most predictable answer to the most predictable question coming out of the Browns' loss to Philadelphia on Sunday.

No, head coach Hue Jackson doesn't regret not drafting Carson Wentz back when the club had the No. 2 pick in the draft.

"No, we haven't (second-guessed ourselves)," Jackson said, via "That's one thing I can tell you for sure has not happened. He had a good game, a great game if you guys want to term it that, and I respect that. He's a fine young man and they have good coaches and a good organization, and he is going to do well for them, but that was one game.

"He played well. Like I said, we'll look back and see where he is over a period of time, but the Browns have to get better. That's what we have to do. We have to play better, and I think we all understand that."

While we tend to agree, this chain of events was set in motion by an unfortunate series of comments in Cleveland over the last week. Browns chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta told ESPN Cleveland that the team's evaluation of Wentz did not figure him as a top 20 quarterback talent in the NFL.

For reporters who seek out this type of clarity and detail -- and often mask it under the cloak of an anonymous scout or team executive -- it was refreshing to see someone be honest in a league of secrets. However, the scream first and ask questions later brigade got a hold of these quotes and pitted Sunday's matchup as the Carson Wentz Revenge Tour. Even I had a regrettably mild take on the situation.

Now, we're left with optics. Robert Griffin III, who the team effectively chose over Wentz, is out for at least the next eight games after seriously injuring his shoulder against the Eagles. Wentz played extremely well, going 22-of-37 passing for 278 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

During situations like this, it's important to consider what is going on behind the scenes in Cleveland. Starting another rookie quarterback in front of this offensive line, surrounded by these players would put the team back on the endless carousel they've been spinning on for the last 17 years. The Browns are not good enough right now to handle or develop a rookie quarterback.

It's hard for fans to root for 10 draft picks -- including two in the first round and two in the second round -- next year just like its hard for them to take solace in the fact that they got a pretty decent return for players like Barkevious Mingo and Justin Gilbert via trades this offseason. It's not easy, but it's better than endlessly tracking the progress of a quarterback that isn't on your team, while wondering what if.

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