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Howie Long: Kyle Long 'has got to get it under control'

The one downside to having an NFL legend for a father is that, when you get kicked out of your own team's practice, he's probably going to hear about it.

A frustrated Kyle Long was booted from Chicago Bears practice Tuesday after starting multiple "altercations during team and individual drills," with players on both sides of the ball according to

Kyle's father, Howie, was asked about it this week. Imagine breaking up a fight between the Long brothers at home.

"He's got to get it under control," Howie Long said on the Rich Eisen show this week. "It's one of those things where you're coming back from injury and you're switching positions and maybe you're not where you want to be right now. You're getting your first live action since the [ankle] surgery. I've seen it up close and personal in our own house. It got to the point where you start hitting 290, 310 [pounds], I need 10 minutes of stretching a day, minimum, to break it up."

Player fights, so long as they don't cause a needless injury, are one of the most overplayed aspects of training camp. People are hot, uncomfortable and angry; constantly switching from study mode to hitting mode to agility mode and sometimes it all spirals into some regrettable decisions.

Howie is right, though. Long is a key piece of a potentially dangerous Bears offensive line this season. I've written on multiple occasions that this could be a top 10 unit if everyone stays healthy. In Kyle Long's case, that means healthy and under control.

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