Gus Malzahn's interests are at Auburn, not in the NFL

MOBILE, Ala. -- Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn was at the Senior Bowl on Thursday to meet with the six recently departed Tigers slated to play on Saturday.

And if he was potentially chatting up any NFL scouts, coaches or executives, he wasn't about to let anyone know.

"I'm happy at Auburn, I love it at Auburn," Malzahn said when asked if he was considering a departure for the NFL. "We've got a bright future with a lot of great things going on. We just need to get back to winning championships.

Like Chip Kelly and Nick Saban before him, Malzahn will inevitably be tempted to test the waters. There's a good chance he's already thinking about it now.

While NFL general managers expand their tastes, Malzahn's fascinating offense will certainly be at the top of a few lists. It's surprising NFL teams did not press harder during this cycle, opting for a crop of coaches with a largely defensive background.

But like Urban Meyer, Malzahn's scheme is too hard to pass up. And like Meyer, Malzahn's denial of NFL interest wasn't that convincing.

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