Gruden: Morris won't be affected by Matt Jones pick

This year's NFL draft put hordes of veterans on blast, but Redskins coach Jay Gruden says running back Alfred Morris isn't about to lose his job to third-round pick Matt Jones out of Florida.

"Alfred won't be affected," Gruden said, per "Alfred's still the running back here. He's had three great seasons and that won't change. But to add another guy that can come in here and pound the rock a little bit doesn't hurt anything. It'll help Alfred in that regard, taking some carries off him. For the most part Alfred will be getting the bulk of the carries and Matt will get some, too, obviously."

The Jones selection makes plenty of sense. After carrying the ball 876 times over his first three seasons, Morris could use some support. Besides, Jones gives Washington a bulkier 6-foot-2, 226-pounder who can run between the tackles, leading Gruden to say: "He's a little bit different than what we've had around here."

The best news for any runner in Washington is the drafting of presumptive right tackle Brandon Scherff with the fifth overall pick. It wasn't the flashiest selection, but the Redskins desperately needed to upgrade their line. Morris, Jones -- and Robert Griffin III -- all will benefit from a tougher front five.

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