Gronkowski refutes bro: Not frustrated with offense

Rob Gronkowski wants you to know how he really feels about the New England Patriots' offense.

A day after Gronk's older brother, Chris, said the Patriots tight end was "frustrated" by the team's shortcomings on offense, Rob Gronkowski cleared the air while speaking to reporters Wednesday.

"He probably got caught up in all that nonsense," Gronkowski said, per the Boston Globe's Nora Princiotti. "He doesn't speak for me and he knows that ... buy his ice shaker, I guess."

Gronk added that he feels the Patriots have the receivers in-house capable of getting the job done.

The comments are in contrast to what Chris said while making a promotional appearance on WEEI in Boston on Tuesday.

"I can just tell by his emotions, his facial features, that he's super frustrated with it," Chris Gronkowski said. "You can see at the end of the game, how they ended the game double-covering him, pressing him off the line. He just wants to get the ball in his hands and make plays. But you just can't do it when no one else is getting open."

It seems like every September loss for the Patriots in the around-40 era for Tom Brady elicits responses and reports of the team's underlying troubles. While things didn't go as planned for the Patriots against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Detroit Lions, it's hard to think Gronk would be frustrated only three games into the season.

While he can't be loving the team's 1-2 start, Gronk seems more or less immune to the Patriots demise prognostication machine -- even when family is involved. It's an underrated characteristic he's had plenty of time developing over the course of his Hall of Fame-caliber career.

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