Gronk's new book: I thought Brady hated me at first

It's apparently really good to be Rob Gronkowski.

In a review of his new book "It's Good To Be Gronk," we find out that his collegiate experience was better than anyone else's. We also come to find that he regrets the whole shirtless dancing thing after the Patriots lost a Super Bowl -- mostly because he woke up with a hangover.

But we also learn a little bit about his football life in New England and gain some insight into Tom Brady and Bill Belichick as leaders. Gronkowski, for example, thought Tom Brady hated him.

"Tom Brady, the legendary quarterback that I had been watching on TV since middle school actually introduced himself to me," he writes, in an excerpt published by the Boston Herald. "I couldn't know it at the time, but that would end up pretty much the nicest he was to me over the entire year. ... If I made a mistake, Tom would blast me. In the meeting rooms he was super tough on me. I thought he didn't like me."

Belichick, on the other hand, let Gronkowski be Gronkowski.

During one conversation about Gronkowski's off-field persona and continued antics, Gronkowski allegedly told his legendary coach that "the fun stuff makes me grind harder."

Per Gronkowski's recollection: "(Belichick) shook his head and walked away and said, 'Whatever works for you ...'"

The last story reminds me of my all-time favorite Belichick moment when he and Randy Moss are discussing a potential roller skating rink Halloween party. There is a subtle comedy to Belichick that will never truly be appreciated, and we're glad Gronkowski brought that to light.

As for the book, you can pre-order on Amazon now before the largely-anticipated Tuesday drop date. More stories of partying to follow, I'm sure.

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