Gronk Party Ship sets sail toward glory

The Gronk Party Ship has set sail.

The Patriots tight end is hosting a three-day cruise with 2,500 Gronk disciples, traveling from Miami to the Bahamas on the Norwegian Pearl. And don't think this is one of those situations where a celebrity slaps his/her name on an event, makes a brief appearance, then collects a fat check. No friends, Gronk is all in.

We know this because dispatches have begun to roll in from the sea.

That appears to be ESPN's Sarah Spain third from left. How much media is on this ship? Is Gronk aware?

I like that there was a successful pitch to put two reporters on the beat at Gronk Ship. Well done, journos.

Gronk has to go through airport security just like you. Figured Obama would have pardoned him out of that by now.

Man, Gronk figured it out. I mean life. He figured the whole damn thing out.

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