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Gronk on dancing, bench press and chicken 'sue flay'

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski took part in an #AMA on his Twitter page on Tuesday, answering questions on topics ranging from groupies, to dance skills, to bench press. Of course, bench press.

We've culled some greatest hits from the 30-minute session.

I would not be surprised if every Gronk tweet ended in an exclamation point.

Gronk is a violent, glorious dancer and one of the most powerful fist pumpers the world has ever seen.

Gronk needs a to, two, too lesson. Actually, no he doesn't. I cannot think of a single legitimate reason why Rob Gronkowski needs to improve his spelling moving forward.

Ahh, I was waiting for a "Whatchu puttin' up?" query. The answer is a lot.

Obligatory Drake reference. I'm a big fan of this bromance. And their bond makes sense if you check out Jones' stellar recent *Sound FX* segment.

I would love to watch San Andreas with Gronk. I feel it would be his Citizen Kane.

In Gronk's defense, soufflé is a tough spell.

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