Gronk declares party cruise 'most turnt up event ever'

The Gronk Party Ship returned Monday night after a whirlwind three-day voyage from Miami to the Bahamas. The trip created a bevy of memories for some, while others are most likely still recuperating from Day One's activities. Dan Hanzus compiled some of the early reports from the high seas -- including Gronk's impressive dance moves (Perhaps ABC's Dancing with the Stars should give him a call).

Judging from the multitude of social media posts, this cruise was not for the faint of heart.

Upon his return, Gronk took to Twitter to declare the epic soiree as the "most turnt up event ever."

Hear that, kids? One day you too can fulfill a lifelong dream of hosting a party cruise.

Gronkowski said he intends to commence his offseason training program soon after much-needed sleep. An IV or two wouldn't hurt either.

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