Gridiron Breakdown: New England vs. Seattle

We know which two teams will be in Glendale to compete for Super Bowl XLIX. For the next couple of weeks, you'll see, hear and read plenty of analysis on which team should win and what each player needs to do in order to help his team hoist the Lombardi Trophy. But you should consider all of that to be just white noise.

This is the only Super Bowl preview you need. I'm going to break down the important stats separating the Patriots from the Seahawks and clue you in on which club is going to emerge victorious from the desert.

Game on!

In a nail-biter, the Patriots rally to prevail in our Super Bowl Gridiron Breakdown. So it looks like Brady and Belichick will get that fourth ring after all. Sorry to ruin all of your Super Bowl parties. Feel free to send me any leftover chicken wings.

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