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Greg Roman: All Bills QBs will get first-team reps

What would a Rex Ryan April be like without a four-way quarterback battle?

His offensive coordinator, Greg Roman, suggested as much on Monday when he said that Matt Cassel, EJ Manuel, Jeff Tuel and Tyrod Taylor will all get first-team reps in workouts.

Get ready, everyone.

As colleague Kevin Patra noted in his AFC East Roster Reset, these are all options that leave a little to be desired. To be honest, Taylor is probably the most intriguing, given that he came up in a strong system and has had plenty of time to prepare for a legitimate run at a starting gig.

Ryan, though, has seen both sides of this coin and realizes that without a true NFL-caliber starter, there is no way to win this situation.

For years, Ryan stood blindly by Mark Sanchez and then felt the swift blowback when he opened up the competition. There was no way to make everyone happy.

But now he gets to rest the decision largely in the hands of a successful offensive coordinator in Roman, undoubtedly the best Ryan has had in his six NFL seasons.

It will be at least another season until Ryan can legitimately consider the future of the franchise at quarterback, and like he's done over his past three seasons with the Jets, he'll let the offseason dictate the depth chart.

Our best guess at the moment is Cassel at the No. 1 spot, followed by Manuel and Taylor.

Then again, Ryan is no stranger to the upset pick.

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