Goodell speaks on possible Raiders move to Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Raiders? Not quite yet.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Wednesday that the league has miles to go before green-lighting a franchise move to Nevada.

"There's still a great deal of information that we need to gather with respect to the circumstances we see in Las Vegas, the opportunities and also the challenges," Goodell said from the Fall League Meeting in Houston. "Those are the things we'll look at through the committee, and report back to them maybe as early as December, but more likely later than that."

Goodell told reporters that three California-based teams -- the Raiders, Chargers and Rams -- made presentations on Wednesday morning about "the status of their efforts to get stadiums built."

"As it specifically relates to the Raiders, the presentation was informative. It was factual," Goodell said. "The membership had the opportunity to ask questions. The chairman of the committee, Art Rooney, made it very clear that this is something that is a significant focus of the stadium committee, has been and will be going forward."

Raiders owner Mark Davis made it clear on Wednesday where he stands on a potential move.

"I'm gonna say this for the last time, alright?" Davis told reporters. "When I met with Governor (Brian) Sandoval for the very first time, he looked me in the eye and said, 'Are you using us for leverage to get a better deal somewhere else?' I told him I've never done that with a city and that if they come up with what we're talking about, that we would be moving or doing our best to come to Las Vegas."

Said Davis: "About a week before he called the special session, he called me up there, we went up and we had lunch. He looked me in the eye again and said, 'Does that still stand?' I said absolutely. If they come up with what we're talking about, we're gonna move to Las Vegas."

It's worth noting that Goodell didn't shoot down a potential Raiders shift from Oakland to Nevada. As with the Rams before them, though, the presence of a rock-solid stadium deal is requisite before anything is approved.

UPDATE: Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf released the following statement Wednesday regarding the city's efforts to keep the Oakland Raiders:

"I know that there is a lot of interest in what is going to happen with the Raiders, and whether Oakland can keep its team from being ripped away from Bay Area fans for a second time.

"If Oakland is going to be successful in offering the Raiders and the NFL a viable alternative to moving to Las Vegas, I have to stay clearheaded. I cannot afford for us to be thrown off our game because Nevada lawmakers have deemed it appropriate to put $750M in public money towards a private sports facility. While I'm committed to keeping the Raiders, I will not enter into a bidding war with Nevada using public funds.

"That's why I remain focused on working out concrete deal terms that give the NFL's owners an Oakland option to consider. I believe that in partnership with Alameda County and the team Ronnie Lott has assembled, we can offer a serious plan in the coming weeks that is fair to the Raiders, the league, the fans and the Oakland taxpayers to whom I am most responsible."

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