Golden Tate: Seahawks missing Percy Harvin and me

Golden Tate has taken his game to another level in his first season with the Detroit Lions. He has a theory on why his former team, the Seahawks, has struggled in its passing game in 2014.

"Their problem," Tate said last week, via "Now they don't have me or Percy (Harvin)."

Tate was courted by the Seahawks, Jets and Jaguars before signing a five-year, $31 million deal with Detroit. He called Seattle's offer "laughable." Harvin was traded to the Jets last month for a mid-round draft pick.

It's hard to argue Tate's point, by the way. The Seahawks are going with Doug Baldwin as their No. 1 receiver and have dipped to 31st in the league in passing. Russell Wilson is on pace for career-worst production in several key passing categories.

"They thought they had five, six, seven top receivers (to choose from) in this (draft) class, so there wasn't a need to pay a lot of money when you could get a rookie for pennies, I guess, relatively speaking," Tate said. "So maybe that's why (they let me go)."

Tate was also asked about a potential playoff matchup against his old team.

"Fate will unwind as it must, my English teacher told me," Tate said. "I think that's Beowulf."

It is.

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