GM on Victor Cruz: Can't put all your eggs in his basket

INDIANAPOLIS -- Jerry Reese knows Victor Cruz is doing all the right things in his recovery from a serious patellar tendon tear, but counting on him for 2015 would not be responsible.

"When a guy had a big injury like Victor had, you can't put all your eggs in his basket," Reese said. "Our doctors say he looks good, and I see him down in the training room working out with our doctors and he looks good. Until you get out there, though, his game is quickness. Until you get out there and move around, you never know how he's going to recover from that."

The answer was the first in a line of questions the general manager took about potentially drafting another wide receiver. The team struck gold with Odell Beckham in 2014 and this year's class is supposed to be deep as well.

His consensus?

"We'll upgrade receiver," he said. "We'll try and upgrade that spot as well. If Victor is back, Odell and Rueben (Randle) ... but if there's a good receiver, we'll draft him."

The Giants have always talked about maximizing their top 10 picks since they do not ever plan on having one. The last time the team chose in the top 10 was in 2004 when they nabbed quarterback Eli Manning in a draft-day trade.

That's why it wouldn't be a surprise to see Reese take another playmaker even though needs along the offensive line and on defense are far more pronounced.

Some other notes from Reese:

» The general manager said that Beckham was probably "trying to be a hero" when he told reporters at the Pro Bowl that he played an entire season with a pair of tears in his hamstring. Reese said the team would not have played Beckham with the tears.

» Reese would not comment on a variety of pressing subjects, including the increasing likelihood that he'll franchise pass rusher Jason Pierre-Paul. He also would not comment on any ongoing contract talks with Manning.

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