Glover Quin has the Lions at 7-1 going into bye week

Forget one game at a time. Glover Quin is going to take us all the way through Week 8.

During a Wednesday session with reporters, the Lions safety broke down the first half of the Detroit's schedule. Needless to say, he's optimistic.

Then, there's this:

It sounds like Quin is leaving open the early October matchup in Seattle as the one potential loss. Dates at San Diego, Minnesota and home games against Denver, Arizona and Chicago don't seem to faze him much.

Then again, this is the time of year where good vibes are contagious. Everyone is undefeated.

Being back at a practice facility with new talent like Haloti Ngata only stokes the insular feeling inside every building between April and late July. Don't just blame Quin; he is an extension of every eager football player on a team right now.

Toward the end of his schedule analysis, Quin also dropped this nugget on Detroit's local beat crew.

Good for you, Glover. Party on.

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