Gloria Estefan talks football

When Gloria Estefan's family left Cuba, they were able to bring little more than the clothes on their backs. Now, the Latin superstar has her 11th solo album, 90 Millas, and is slated to take the stage for another NFL game performance.

Estefan will sing the national anthem as a part of the NFL's festivities for Hispanic Heritage Month at the Dallas-Chicago Sunday night game in Chicago on Sept. 23. The game will be aired live on NBC at 8:15 p.m. ET. Telemundo will feature special coverage of the game as well as Estefan's performance, highlighting the NFL's celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month in their programming.

Recently, Estefan took time out of her busy schedule to talk about performing at NFL games and the significance of Hispanic Heritage Month:

What does it mean to you to represent Hispanic culture during the NFL's celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month?

It's always an honor for me to represent my culture in every aspect of life. It has always been important for me to do so through my music worldwide, as well with all our family businesses.

What is your favorite part of performing at NFL games?

Actually it's quite nerve-wracking. Singing a song like the anthem is a lot of pressure, but it's always a great feeling when you hit that last note and the crowd goes crazy!

You have performed at the Super Bowl on three occasions, most recently at Super Bowl XLI. How does it feel to perform at the Super Bowl?

It's a great thrill, but also very, very nerve-wrecking knowing that you have a worldwide audience of over a billion people watching. But the first time in Minneapolis was incredible, and one of the other times in Miami I had the opportunity to perform with my idol, Stevie Wonder.

What is your favorite NFL team?

Well of course, the MIAMI DOLPHINS!

Is the rest of your family big football fans?

Sports has always been a big part of my family. My father played and won a medal in the Pan American games way back when.

Do you have a favorite NFL player?

Dan Marino is, of course, a legend. And he's from Miami! Gotta love him!

What inspired you to create your newest album, 90 Milas, as a tribute to your native country, Cuba?

It has been over seven years since I released my last Spanish-language album. We've been writing and recording the music for the past two years. My husband Emilio and I wanted to pay tribute to the legendary Latin musicians that took part in 90 Millas. While my third album, Mi Tierra, was a tribute to my Cuban roots, this new CD takes the music in a whole new direction. Having had the opportunity to record with these Latin greats will always be a career milestone for me.

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