Giants players call trashing of Ben McAdoo 'cowardly'

The New York Giants came out full-throat against a report quoting two anonymous players trashing their head coach.

A report from ESPN's Josina Anderson cited two unnamed players who said Ben McAdoo lost his team.

On Thursday, players went on the record to bash whoever made those comments.

"The stuff that was said came out of the defensive side of the room," safety Landon Collins said, via the New York Daily News. "We just want him to come forward and be a man."

Defensive captain Jonathan Casillas called the unnamed players "cowardly."

"It sucks that something like that was said," Casillas said. "Everything's supposed to be in-house, and for something like that to be said is like, I don't know, it's like a rat or somebody in the locker room ... I feel like we got a close-knit group and I don't know how something like that could have been said, basically."

Defensive tackle Damon Harrison echoed the coward comments.

"Whoever said it, whoever was anonymous, is a coward. Flat out," Harrison said. "If you're not man enough to put your name behind something that you feel because that hasn't been echoed to anybody in this locker room. I mean, we could have talked it out if you feel that way. It could have went differently, but point blank, whoever said that is a coward."

For a 1-7 Giants team that hasn't looked on the same page at any point this season, it's good to see most rowing in the same direction. Perhaps the anonymous players did the team a favor and gave New York a galvanizing motivation to play for down the stretch run of a lost season. #SaveMcAdoo!!!!

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