Giants-Cowboys, Falcons-Eagles, Saints-Broncos head Week 8

The records could be as lopsided as a seesaw. The Dallas Cowboys could be winless, the New York Giants could be undefeated, and I'd still sidle up to any bar (or press-box table) and watch this showdown with great anticipation. The emotions, the history -- it's always over the top when these hated rivals lock horns.

It all boils down to must-see football.

Add in the fact the Giants are looking to avenge a surprising season-opening loss in front of the nation that had many of us clamoring to say this would be the Cowboys' year? Yup, this is a no-brainer No. 1. Sorry, Atlanta Falcons fans wishing today would be the day you'd finally crack the top spot. Sorry, Philadelphia Eagles fans wishing ... Nah, never mind. You have far greater concerns in this difficult season.

Nope. It's all Cowboys and Giants this week. Back in July, owner Jerry Jones made headlines by telling Cowboys fans he was looking forward to "beating the Giants' ass." Dallas began the season by doing it. Then it all went backward for the 'Boys, while the G-Men hit their stride.

Oh, and these teams still don't like each other. Yeah, I'll probably watch on Sunday afternoon.

Here is your Week 8 primer, with games ranked by intrigue, from 1 to 14:

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