Geno Smith has big bucks invested in 2015 offseason

Geno Smith knows this is a make-or-break offseason for him on the field.

But apparently, it's pretty significant off the field as well.

According to ESPN New York, the Jets quarterback has $276,328, or 32 percent of his 2015 salary, tied to his participation in offseason workouts. The Jets began their offseason workout program Monday.

Though it's unlikely that Smith would ever think about ditching the workouts, it's comforting to head coach Todd Bowles to know that Smith has 276,328 reasons to show up and command the huddle like he's expected to this offseason.

While Ryan Fitzpatrick recovers from a broken leg he suffered in December, this is a great time for Smith to gain an early edge. He's learning another new offense, but, for all intents and purposes, the Jets want him to win the starting job.

There's nothing better than an affordable quarterback leading your team to wins. It gives you a small window in which you can spend big at other positions and make the rest of the team better.

Not that Smith doesn't know this, of course. And he's had that money on his radar since signing his rookie contract.

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