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Gase looks forward to using do-everything Le'Veon Bell

Le'Veon Bell has been one of the NFL's most feared and top running backs over recent years.

The 6-foot-1, 225-pound Bell now has the opportunity to showcase his all-purpose skill set with the New York Jets, and his new head coach certainly appreciates the opportunity to incorporate Bell into the offense.

"I love his variety," Adam Gase told NFL Network's Kimberly Jones over the weekend at the league's annual meeting. "I love that he could do everything. And I think the more film I watch since we've signed him, I think I tried not to tease myself too much by watching too much film.

"But since we have signed him, I've just amped it up and trying to figure out what has he done in Pittsburgh? You know, how far can we take him? What can we do in the passing game? What do we have to make sure we do right with him in the running game? How do we kind of build this thing around Sam [Darnold], him and some of the other pieces that we have? So you know, it's been fun to watch, really go back and watch what he's done in the past."

With the Steelers, Bell terrorized opponents with 5,336 yards rushing, 2,660 yards receiving and 42 total touchdowns (35 rushing) in five seasons before he elected to not sign a franchise tender and sit out the 2018 season.

The missed year, though, doesn't alarm Gase, who told Jones that he didn't need to be convinced that Bell is all in with the Jets.

"For me, it was when I first saw him and he walked in just the excitement that he had of being there, you could tell he's ready to go," Gase said. "That was probably not an easy thing for him to do."

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old Bell, a two-time All-Pro selection and three-time Pro Bowler in Pittsburgh, is one big piece as the Jets build around a franchise signal-caller.

The Jets finished the 2018 regular season ranked 26th in the league in rushing. But as anyone knows, a young quarterback's best friend is often the running game.

And with Bell's proven track record to help open up an offense with his rushing skills or ability to place stress on a defense as a receiver, it's pretty easy to see why Gase has enjoyed watching tape to devise ways to deploy his new weapon.

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