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Gary Barnidge makes his case for landing roster spot

Two years ago, Gary Barnidge was a 1,000-yard tight end worthy of a three-year contract extension.

This spring, he's in the middle of a process roundly known and disliked by former productive veterans: Waiting out the rest of the NFL for another crack at a roster spot.

Barnidge told SiriusXM NFL Radio last weekend he's "heard from" the Jaguars and Broncos on top of his Bills visit. Unsurprisingly, he still feels like he's a starter.

"Of course, I would love to be the [number] one guy," Barnidge said. "I've showed the last two years, with multiple different quarterbacks, I was still able to produce without one single guy, whether it be injuries or just things not working out. I've shown I've been able to produce with multiple guys throwing the ball. But I don't think that's an issue, but if they want me to come in and help mentor, I've got no problem doing that, either."

While some might be curious as to why Barnidge is still on the market, consider why a team would sign him right now. At the moment, with precious few hours of practice time available, teams are focused on the rapid development of the young tight ends currently on their rosters. The time those tight ends are spending with quarterbacks is extremely valuable.

Meanwhile, a polished product like Barnidge could come in halfway through training camp and still find his way rather quickly. Why not gauge the potential on your own roster first before bringing in the veteran?

Unfortunately for Barnidge, this is the landscape right now for players of a certain age. There's still a good chance he makes a roster this year, but not without another shoe dropping on another club first.

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