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'Gameday Morning' from Divisional Playoff Sunday

News and Sound Bites From Divisional Playoff Sunday Edition of NFL GAMEDAY MORNING

"I recognize that this guy's probably the best football coach, maybe in the history of the game… I just want to be the best coach one particular day and that's Sunday." - Jets head coach Rex Ryan on Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

I said the Falcons should be scared because they were playing a hot team, and [the Packers] are smoking. That stove, don't even put your hand close to that stove because they will burn you. They are playing the best football that I have seen in the playoffs thus far." - Marshall Faulk on the Green Bay Packers

"When he leaves the pocket, he is the scariest player in the National Football League." - Steve Mariucci on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

NFL GameDay Morning, the FIRST pregame show on Sunday morning is in its third season on the air at 9:00 AM ET, taking viewers straight up to kickoff. New host Rich Eisen joins analysts Warren Sapp, Marshall Faulk, Michael Irvin and Steve Mariucci to bring fans the latest news, injury reports, pregame analysis and game previews.

Michael Lombardi 1-on-1 Interview with Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan:*Michael Lombardi* sits down with Jets head coach Rex Ryan in advance of the Jets Divisional Playoff game vs. New England to discuss his coaching style, the team's preparation headed into Sunday's game and the rivalry between the Jets and the Patriots.

* "No. Never. Because number one, I'm not paying attention. Are there things that maybe I shouldn't say? Maybe. But if I'm always worried about what I'm saying, it wouldn't work for me."*- Ryan, on if he ever regrets things that he has said

"One thing I told everybody that would listen is that at the end of the season, I think we'll have the best defense in the league, but the season isn't over." - Ryan on the Jets defense

"After the first week of the season, I think everyone thought New England was the best team in football. I was convinced that we were the best team in football. We beat them that day. Seven weeks later, New England showed me that at that time, they were the best team in football. Now, we'll see what happens, who the best team in football is right now." - Ryan on the differences he sees in the Patriots their Week 2 and Week 13 meetings to now

Lombardi: How many times did you watch the 45-3 [Week 13 Patriots] game?

Ryan: Probably 20. 20 times, I'd say.

Lombardi: Was it all your coaching, or do you think it was positioning of the players?

Ryan: It was all my coaching.

Lombardi: Do you do that to take all the pressure off the players?

Ryan: I just state the facts.

Lombardi: So when you win, it's all the players and when you lose, it's all on you?

Ryan: Pretty much. That's how it should be. If you're a competitor and you see yourself as a leader, then that's part of it. My job is to get my players prepared to play to the best of their abilities and I clearly failed.

"He's not our quarterback. I think that's probably the number one thing. If you're the opposition, then I don't like you. I'll respect you and all that, and after the game I'll say, 'that's a great quarterback and a heck of a person,' but I don't care who's across from me. He's no friend of mine." - Ryan on the reason he and his team do not like Patriots QB Tom Brady

* "The shoulder's fine. This team has no excuses. None whatsoever. He's fine. We're healthy. We're fresh. We're ready to roll."*- Ryan on the health of Jets QB Mark Sanchez and the team's preparedness for Sunday's game vs. New England

"I recognize that this guy's probably the best football coach, maybe in the history of the game. I don't think there's any doubt. In my opinion, he is. But I just want to be the best coach one particular day and that's Sunday."- Ryan on Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

For video of Lombardi's sitdown with Ryan, please visit:

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning:

"That will haunt him. If you know TJ, you know how prideful he is and that drop will haunt him, probably his whole career." - Marshall Faulk on Ravens WR TJ Houshmandzadeh dropped pass on 4th-and-18 vs. Steelers

"Going into that game, I said the Falcons should be scared because they were playing a hot team, and [the Packers] are smoking. That stove, don't even put your hand close to that stove because they will burn you. They are playing the best football that I have seen in the Playoffs thus far."- Faulk on the Green Bay Packers

"When he leaves the pocket, he is the scariest player in the National Football League."- Steve Mariucci on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

* "When I saw that picture of [Ray] Lewis, 'Down and Out,' I thought that might have been his last chance of getting to the promised land."*- Michael Irvin, on Baltimore Sun Sunday sports page photo of Ravens LB Ray Lewis headlined 'Down and Out'

"The quick throws from Jay Cutler to Greg Olsen should be dynamic today." - Marshall Faulk on Seahawks vs. Bears

"Matt Hasselbeck showed us that he still has it."- Faulk on Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck

"As a defender, with this ball club right now, you shake in your boots just watching the tape."- Warren Sapp on the Green Bay Packers

"The answer is no. They will not have that kind of rushing success, not nearly what we saw [vs. New Orleans] last week. Chicago's been resting and they've been waiting, looking for this game. They know this will not happen." - Michael Irvin on if the Seahawks' rushing success will continue against the Bears defense

"They've been in the playoffs for awhile. After that [Week 15] New England game, there was something about that game where they watched themselves compete with New England, with Matt Flynn at quarterback, and they said, 'when we get our quarterback back, what is that going to do for us?' Ever since that game, this team has been hot."- Faulk on the Green Bay Packers

"I'm prepared to call him a playoff genius right now, looking at his passer ratings in the playoffs. It was 120+ before yesterday and it was in the 130s last night. He's been incredible in the playoffs…Now he has this team back where Brett Favre left them - In the NFC Championship Game. It's clearly his team."- Irvin on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

"This guy is a godsend for the Jets." - Rich Eisen on Jets head coach Rex Ryan

"He's real. Players can sense BS from a mile away. What this man is is real. His father, Buddy Ryan punched a coach on the sideline. It doesn't get more real than that."- Sapp on Jets head coach Rex Ryan and why his style of coaching works

"He creates a role for players. He puts them in a position to succeed and as a player, that's all you want." - Faulk on Jets head coach Rex Ryan and why his style of coaching works

* "The Bears defense is what fuels this team."*- Faulk on the Chicago Bears

Michael Lombardi News Reports:

On Matt Hasselbeck's future in Seattle…

No question. When you look at this Seattle Seahawks team, they're going to behave this offseason as if they were a 7-9 team, which is what they were. They cannot loseMatt Hasselbeck. There is no one there to replace him. Also, you have to remember before the season started, Alex Gibbs, the offensive line coach, left. I expect even some coaching changes, unless they go all the way to the Super Bowl, on the Seattle staff. Hasselbeck needs to be back, but Seattle this offseason will behave like a 7-9 team.

On the future of Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

All the sources I've spoken to in the Eagles organization say they will not trade Kevin Kolb unless they get a first round pick. They feel they need to franchise Michael Vick once the CBA is in place and they know the rules. They need Vick as their starter, but because of durability issues, because he is not a lock to play in all 16 games, Kolb is a great backup to have. [Teams] can have him, but they have to pay a very dear price and it would be a first-round pick.

On the Eagles' search for a defensive coordinator…

This has been an ongoing problem going back to last year's halftime adjustments. Philadelphia, the organization has felt like Sean McDermott hasn't been on top of them. But McDermott will be fine. He's been in one system his whole career; The Denver Broncos are the leading candidate. I understand that he is negotiating a contract with them. Also the Carolina Panthers are in play. McDermott will end up in either two places, my bet is that it will be Denver.

On Rob Ryan being named the new Cowboys defensive coordinator…

Rob Ryan, brother of Rex Ryan is the new defensive coordinator in Dallas. The Eagles would have liked to talk to him, however he took the job in Dallas when he flew down there and listened to Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett's speech about how the Cowboys defense fits his personality, which it does; a 3-4 structure perfectly in place. Ryan is in a great spot.

From Saturday's Divisional Playoff Edition of * NFL GameDay Morning…*

* "It's everything. It removes a great deal of the logical and it just gets to who can impose their will today."*- Michael Irvin on playing a rival in the playoffs

* "After watching them beat the New Orleans Saints, anything is possible. If that possibility is going to become a reality, Matt Hasselbeck - whoever that guy was who played in that playoff game - I need you to show up again."*- Marshall Faulk on the Seattle Seahawks' chances of beating the Chicago Bears

NFL GameDay MorningAnalysts Share Their Ideal Super Bowl Matchup:

Marshall Faulk:Baltimore Ravens vs. Green Bay Packers

Jason La Canfora News Reports

On Tim Tebow's future in Denver:

"Tim Tebow is going to be given every opportunity to earn that starting job. They've invested a lot in him - time, money, a first-round pick. His development was crucial in this hiring process. To that end, they're in negations now with offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. They want to keep him there and keep some continuity around Tebow, incubate him as much as possible. Kyle Orton didn't seem totally comfortable backing him up down the stretch. If that's the case, they may seek to trade Orton. GM's I've talked to believe you could get a third-round pick that possibly moves to a second for Orton. They've got a lot of holes to fill on defense in Denver. … Tebow will not be dealt."

On the Raiders head coaching search:

"All indications point to Hue Jackson as their next head coach. He was brought in a year ago as a coordinator with an eye towards taking over for Tom Cable if things worked out. We know Al Davis, he takes his time. There are no other openings out there to compete with. This could drag into next month. If he wants to look outside, Kevin Gilbride and Marc Trestman are potential candidates. But everything I've heard, Jackson is in good shape to become the next Raiders head coach."

On Josh McDaniels potentially becoming Rams offensive coordinator:

"Josh McDaniels is in St. Louis now and that deal could be done this weekend. It could be McDaniels and Sam Bradford moving forward."

On, the following video clips from Sunday's Wild Card edition of NFL GameDay Morning are available for viewing:

Rex Ryan's Style - What makes Rex Ryan's coaching style work? The NFL GameDay Morning crew weighs in.

Belichick's Success - The * NFL GameDay Morning* crew takes a look at the key to Bill Belichick's success.

Steelers vs. Jets/Patriots - How would the Steelers match up against the Jets or Patriots in the AFC Championship Game?

Packers the NFC Favorites? - Are the Packers the new team to beat?

On, the following video clips from Saturday's Wild Card action, as well as NFL GameDay Final analysis are available for viewing:

Analyzing Rodgers' performance - Deion Sanders and Jim Mora discuss the excellence of Packers QB Aaron Rodgers on Saturday night vs. the Falcons.

Dissecting the Steelers' victory - Jim Mora and Deion Sanders discuss how the Steelers were able to stay in the game after getting down early then secure a huge victory vs. the Ravens on Saturday night.

Matthews on win - Steve Wyche catches up with a happy Clay Matthews after the Packers' big win over the Atlanta Falcons.

Mendenhall on Steelers' victory - Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall talks with Scott Hanson after Pittsburgh's victory against the Baltimore Ravens.

Let's Go Primetime - Deion Sanders counts down his top five plays from the divisional playoff games on Saturday.


» Special Championship Sunday Edition of NFL GameDay next week: As stated by host Rich Eisen, "50 percent less games, 50 percent more show." NFL Network expands its Sunday coverage for Championship Sunday next week starting with a six hour * NFL GameDay Morning.* Regulars Rich Eisen, Marshall Faulk, Steve Mariucci, Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin are joined by Super Bowl winners Rod Woodson, Kurt Warner, Joe Theismann and Deion Sanders on a special Championship set, as well as Jim Mora and Brian Billick providing a coaching perspective. Immediately following the NFC Championship matchup, Paul Burmeister, Jamie Dukes and Tom Waddle provide postgame coverage in a four-hour * NFL GameDay Scoreboard,* followed by * NFL GameDay Final* with Eisen, Sanders, Mariucci and Irvin wrapping up both conference championship games and providing the first analysis on Super Bowl XLV matchup at 10:00 PM ET.

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