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Game facts: Seahawks at Saints

Heading into this weekend's matchup between the Seahawks and the Saints, here are some key facts and stats to watch out for.

Game facts: Seattle Seahawks

Wilson's improvisation: Per Next Gen Stats, Russell Wilson is doing much worse in 2016 when taking 2.5 seconds or more to throw a pass. In 2015, Wilson had a 106.5 passer rating in such cases, but he has just an 83.5 rating this year.

Stuck in the pocket: As he's battled injuries this year, Wilson has remained in the pocket more. Only 11.2 percent of his passes have been thrown outside the pocket this year, while 19.1 percent of his passes were thrown outside the pocket last year. 

Defensive standouts: CB Richard Sherman has allowed a passer rating of 66.6 this season, while DE Michael Bennett has 12 QB hits (T-4th in NFL) and seven TFLs (T-7th). 

Historically good defense: Seattle faced 90 offensive plays vs. the Cardinals last week, the second-most plays faced without allowing a TD since the 1970 merger.  

Game facts: New Orleans Saints

Fast starters: The Saints have scored on their opening drive in four straight games.  

Rare case: The Saints are 2-4 and averaging 29.3 PPG this season. The only other team in the Super Bowl era with a higher PPG that finished with a losing record is the 2004 Chiefs (7-9 record, 30.2 PPG).

Potential advantage: Per Next Gen Stats, Drew Brees has a 141.6 passer rating when throwing to the left side of the field in home games this year. Seattle's top CB, Richard Sherman, primarily plays on the left side of the defense (right side of the offense). 

Historically bad defense: The Saints are allowing 32.5 PPG this season. That would be the most PPG allowed by any team since the 1970 merger.  

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