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From Braylon to bratwurst ... 'This is NFL Network'


From Braylon (Edwards) to (your favorite) Bratwurst, NFL Network is everything football. That 24 hour a day, 365 day a year, 360 degree insider coverage of the NFL is illustrated in a pair of 30-second NFL Network commercials, "This is…" and "All business," which debuted nationally this month during NFL games on NBC, CBS, FOX and ESPN.

Featuring NFL players, coaches and owners (complete list below), the on-air spots give fans insight into the network's unparalleled access to the games, the personalities, the analysis, the business, the game within the game and life off the field.

Each commercial showcases players, coaches, staff and owners in various stages of their daily routine, conveying the apt message that NFL Network covers football from "Braylon to Bratwurst" or "A to Z" in a manner that rewards the most avid fan while still enjoyable to grandmas and grandkids.

The campaign features the following NFL personalities:
Drew Brees (Quarterback, New Orleans Saints)
Reggie Bush (Running Back, New Orleans Saints)
Braylon Edwards (Wide Receiver, Cleveland Browns)
Terry Glenn (Wide Receiver, Dallas Cowboys)
Tony Gonzalez (Tight End, Kansas City Chiefs)
Tommie Harris (Defensive Tackle, Chicago Bears)
Matt Hasselbeck (Quarterback, Seattle Seahawks)
Devin Hester (Wide Receiver, Chicago Bears)
Jerry Jones (Owner, Dallas Cowboys)
Shawne Merriman (Outside Linebacker, San Diego Chargers)
Tony Romo (Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys)
Bob Sanders (Defensive Back, Indianapolis Colts)
Don Shula (Coach, undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins team)
Lovie Smith (Coach Chicago Bears)
Brian Urlacher (Middle Linebacker, Chicago Bears)
Roy Williams (Safety, Dallas Cowboys)
Roy Williams (Wide Receiver, Detroit Lions)
Jason Witten (Tight End, Dallas Cowboys)
New England Patriots' equipment staff members

Highlights of the "This is ..." commercial:

"This is the absolute, genuine article." -- Two members of the New England Patriots' equipment staff, stand inside the Patriots' locker room, holding up the actual cutoff hoodie coach Bill Belichick wears on the sidelines.

"This is business." -- Detroit's Roy Williams is digitally mapped for a video game

"This is pleasure." -- Dallas' Roy Williams soaks in a whirlpool after a long practice.

"This is flawless." -- Legendary Coach Don Shula displays his Super Bowl XVII ring, which capped the Miami Dolphins perfect 17-0 season in 1972.

Highlights of the "All business" commercial:
Matt Dillon provides the voiceover;
Drew Brees eats breakfast;
Lovie Smith starts his day at the office;
Tony Romo, Jason Witten and Terry Glenn relax in the Dallas locker room just before practice;
Tommie Harris gears up for the game;
Reggie Bush lines up for a play.

Campaign Taglines:
"This is NFL Network."
"All business."

The campaign was developed in collaboration with Los Angeles-based Triple Double.

*NFL Network*airs seven days a week, 24 hours a day on a year-round basis and is the first television network fully dedicated to the NFL and the sport of football. For more information, log onto

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