Free agent Tre Boston: Safety market is 'kinda rough'

Free agency hasn't been kind to veteran safeties.

NFL backstops have struggled to find work, something Tre Boston has experienced firsthand after recently turning down a low-level offer from the Cardinals.

"It's kinda' rough man, they got us where they think they want us," Boston told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Friday. "For us, we have to communicate with each other so we don't take this minimum wage."

Boston, 25, spent last year with the Chargers after toiling for the Panthers from 2014 to 2016. The former Panthers defender is mired in a dead safety market along with Eric Reid, Kenny Vaccaro and Mike Mitchell.

Boston has met with the Colts and Cardinals, saying of his Indianapolis visit: "I didn't meet with the [general manager], [head coach] or [defensive coordinator]. I was in the lunch room for [two] hours. I even got to play basketball."

As for his Cardinals meet-and-greet, Boston told Sirius: "They rolled out the red carpet for me, but the offer was very, very disrespectful."

"People think that you can find safeties anywhere," one former defensive coordinator told NFL Network's Bucky Brooks. "Listen to how people always talk about aging cornerbacks moving inside to safety when they lose their athleticism. Sure, some guys can do it, but there's a lot more that goes into the position than some realize. You have to be smart and a communicator to play in the back end. You also need to be a solid tackler in the open field.

"You can't just throw anybody in there and expect them to have success."

Boston has one thing going for him. Camp is around the corner, which means a sea of injuries will unfold. That alone will force coaches league-wide to acknowledge available safeties after an offseason full of disrespect.

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