Free-agent RB Devonta Freeman tells Bucs to reach out directly

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could use some running back help. Devonta Freeman is a free agent. The pairing makes a lot of sense on paper. It's dinero, however, that could be getting in the way.

Speaking Thursday, Bucs coach Bruce Arians said that his team would be interested in adding Freeman, but his price tag was too high, and Tampa doesn't have the kind of cash the running back is looking for.

The Bucs sit with about $4.87 million in salary-cap space, per Over The Cap, second-fewest in the NFL.

The Seattle Seahawks showed interest in Freeman earlier this offseason but elected to sign Carlos Hyde, who came cheaper.

Freeman insists he wants to continue his pro career but might have to lower his asking price to find a landing spot at this point in 2020.

The 28-year-old running back took to social media to suggest the Bucs reach out directly to see if something could get done.

How serious those "number of teams" are in meeting Freeman's salary requests remains to be seen.

The Bucs could use running back help alongside Ronald Jones, and Freeman might fit in nicely if he lowers his asking price to play alongside the likes of Tom Brady.

When Tampa signed TB12 away from New England, the Bucs immediately became a possible destination for veterans seeking a run at a ring. Freeman could be a test case to see if some players are truly willing to take less money on a short deal to play with Brady.

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