Frank Gore takes goal-line fumble hard in loss to Jets

If we were wondering whether the Colts' issues are systemic or just the product of bad luck, we need to look no further than Frank Gore's goal-line fumble from Monday night.

The 32-year-old running back is as dependable as they come, having lost no more than three balls in a season dating back to 2009. On Monday night, it appeared like a momentary lapse in concentration -- again, a rarity for someone with as much experience as Gore.

"That would have been a big touchdown," Gore said, via The Indianapolis Star. "The game would have went differently if I would have just went in and ran into the end zone."

He's probably right, but on a night where the Colts were so cosmically unlucky, maybe it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

What Indianapolis needs to figure out now -- and in a hurry -- is if this "bad luck" is the product of preseason entitlement, scheme, rust or something different altogether.

They are, along with the Seahawks, the most stunning 0-2 teams in football, though Seattle has at least shown signs of life.

Gore was supposed to define this team's wise turn toward surrounding Andrew Luck with dependable veterans, but for now, he's just defining their bad luck early on.

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