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Franchise, transition tags set for 2016 season

Now that the salary cap for 2016 is set at $155.27 million, the numbers for the franchise and transition tags can be figured.

The deadline for teams to franchise tag players is Tuesday, March 1.

The franchise tag figures for each position are as follows (transition tags in parenthesis).

Quarterback: $19.953 million ($17.696 million)

Defensive end: $15.701 million ($12.734 million)

Wide Receiver: $14.599 million ($12.268 million)

Linebacker: $14.129 million ($11.925 million)

Cornerback: $13.952 million ($11.913 million)

Offensive line: $13.706 million ($11.902 million)

Defensive tackle: $13.615 million ($10.875 million)

Running Back: $11.789 million ($9.647 million)

Safety: $10.806 million ($9.116 million)

Tight End: $9.118 million ($7.713 million)

Kicker/Punter: $4.572 million ($4.123 million)

The Baltimore Ravens already tagged kicker Justin Tucker, and NFL Media's Kimberly Jones reports the Jets will franchise Muhammad Wilkerson. Several players are options to be tagged, including Alshon Jeffery, Von Miller, Kirk Cousins, Olivier Vernon and others. Most teams will wait until the deadline to tag players in hopes a long-term deal can get hammered out in the next few days.

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