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Former Jets QBs coach: Geno's inconsistency 'killed us'

David Lee spent the last two years in his role as Jets quarterbacks coach attempting to make Geno Smith a viable NFL starter.

It was difficult work, and not always successful. Lee has followed Rex Ryan to Buffalo, where he's taken the same position with the Bills. In an interview with the Bills' official team site, Lee offered up an honest assessment of his time with Smith.

"Rex and I talked about it, he had some inconsistency and the up and down part is what killed us," Lee said. "He would get loose with the football. We played good enough defense to win over there both years, but his play it'll cost you and it cost us. But he also did some great things. The last five games this season he was the seventh-rated passer in the league. He had a perfect passer rating in his last game at Miami. The potential and ability is there."

Now Lee takes up what can be seen as an even greater challenge in EJ Manuel, who was picked 23 spots ahead of Geno Smith in the 2013 draft. Manuel is coming off a bust sophomore season in which he was benched in Week 4 and never seen again.

"I'm excited about EJ Manuel. I liked him coming out and I'm looking forward to working with EJ, that's for sure," Lee said. "I remember that Florida-Florida State game and he took off and he beat a fast Florida secondary with his legs two or three times. I know what he's capable of doing. We've just got to cut him loose and let him go play."

The next time you think your job is too hard, remember David Lee.

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