For Deshaun Watson to be 'legendary,' Texans needs to win Super Bowl

A legitimately large step was taken for Deshaun Watson last season when he rallied his Houston Texans past the Buffalo Bills for an AFC Wild-Card Round playoff triumph.

The comeback victory served as the initial postseason win in Watson's now-three-year NFL career and the first for the franchise since 2016.

For Watson, it's a hopeful foreshadowing of a phenomenal future ahead for the ultra-talented quarterback and the Texans as he heads into his fourth season.

"That's top priority, yeah, for sure. I'm trying to pull a big three. I won a state championship, won a national championship. So, of course, I'm trying to get a Super Bowl," Watson told reporters on Friday. "I'm trying to, of course, be legendary. That's my word since college. For me to be that, I have to win a Super Bowl, and definitely win it with the Houston Texans."

Though last season saw Watson earn his first playoff win, as he mentioned, he's no stranger to championships.

As a junior at Gainesville (Georgia) High in the fall of 2012, he quarterbacked his Red Elephants to a Class AAAAA state title, churning out a ridiculous 74 touchdowns – 50 through the air and 24 on the ground – with north of 4,000 yards passing and 1,400 yards rushing.

From there, he moved on to Clemson and once more found ultimate success in his junior season, quarterbacking Clemson to its first-ever national title.

While Watson deviated from his script a bit and didn't win a title in his third season with the Texans, he still got the playoff win and a repeat as AFC South kingpins.

As Watson zeroes in on a legendary career, perhaps of utmost importance in his comments was his proclamation that he "definitely" had to win a Super Bowl with the Texans.

With a new contract seemingly coming at any time, Watson made it clear that team success is paramount for his legacy and he has no designs of doing it anywhere other than Houston.

He's well-aware the success will be unprecedented, too, and that it's a long road ahead to legendary, but that's the goal.

"We've never won one here before, we haven't even came on the brink, of winning one. We gotta get to that game before that and then, of course, we can think about that," Watson said. "I'm trying to create history and continue that and make it a dynasty."

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