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Flacco: I can't listen to 'maniac' Steve Smith on Sunday

The arrival of Steve Smith has been very good for Joe Flacco. Smith has been the Baltimore Ravens' best receiver through three weeks, a much-needed development for a team that again finds itself without Dennis Pitta.

This is a big week for Smith from a personal standpoint. The Ravens are set to host the Carolina Panthers, the team that released Smith in March after 13 seasons of exemplary service. Back in March, before he'd signed with his next team, Smith warned that a game against the Panthers would necessitate goggles for protection from the "blood and guts everywhere."

So yeah, Smith is probably pretty pumped up about Sunday. Flacco was quite aware of this when asked if he thought Smith was asked to be targeted more for the purpose of sweet, sweet revenge.

Replied Flacco: "If I pay attention to that maniac, who knows how I play?"

Smith was obviously relayed Flacco's quote when he met with the media a short time later. After a pause, Smith said, "That was a backhanded compliment, I guess." When the same reporter later clarified that Flacco's comments were clearly made in good fun, Smith expounded.

"I don't lobby Joe (for more targets)," he said. "Sometimes I ask to make sure, he said what he said, because sometimes I hear it wrong. But I'll make sure. He'll say, "Hey, you got this slant." (and I'll say) "Slant?"

"It's kind of like the Kelly Bundy thing, the last thing she hears, it will be me. Some of you don't know who Kelly Bundy is."

We know who Kelly Bundy is. We don't really get the rest. We trust his reference is a valid one, however.

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